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15 Nov 2013


TAHUN AJARAN 2011/2012

Mata Pelajaran           :  BHS. INGGRIS                                               Kelas                : XI.119
Hari/Tanggal               :  Selasa, 12 Juni 2012                                     Waktu              : 07.00-08.30

A.            ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS BY CROSSING a, b, c, or d on the correct answer!
Dialogue for number 1-2
A       : “ … (1) do you Think is suitable for me?”
B       : “The blue one. It looks more elegant than others.”
A       : “I don’t think so. It is too sexy.”
B       : “ …… (2)? I believe that’s good choice.”
A       : “Great!”
1.             a.  Which gown
b.  What gown
c.  Whose gown
d.  This a good gown
2.             a.  Try this one
b.  What about the black one
c.  This is good one
d.  Is it good
Dialogue for number 3 – 4
Asih   : “Bimo, I Want to have a dinner with
              Sinta … (3) for me which restaurant having good food?”
Bimo : “Why don’t you go to Moen-mien?”
Asih   : “ … (4). Sinta is vegetarian.”
Bimo : “I see. What about Japanese restaurant? It serves vegetarian food.”
Asih   : “That’s good idea. Thanks, Bimo.”
3.             a.  Do you have money
b.  Any message
c.  What do you think
d.  Do you have any idea
4.             a.  That’s great
b.  I don’t think so
c.  Good idea
d.  I agree with you
Dialogue for number 5 – 6
A       : “Do you know how to delete all the messages here?”
B       : “ … (5).”
A       : “Okay. Then, … (6)?”
B       : “Press shift+delete at the same time.”
A       : “Thank you.”

5.             a.  Open the gate
b.  Open the system
c.  Drag all the massages
d.  Click right
6.             a.  Is it good
b.  What”s the next
c.  Are you sure
d.  It is correct way
Dialogue for number 7 - 8
A       : “Which gowndo you think is suitable for me
B       : “The blue one. It looks … (7) that others.”
A       : “I Guess not. It is too sexy.”
B       : What about the black one?”
A       : …. (8)! I like it.
7.             a.  Elegant
b.  More elegant
c.  Most elegant
d.  The most elegant
8.             a.  No thanks
b.  Oh no
c.  Great choice
d.  Not really good
Dialogue for number 9 – 10
A       : “I have a problem in my thesis.”
B       : “ …. (9)?”
A       : “I have. They recommended me to find the book but I still can find it.”
B       : “ … (10) for the second time. I”II help you to find it.”
A       : “Thanks bro.”
9.             a.  You should go earlier
b.  Why don’t you ask to your lecturer
c.  Do you have others ideas
d.  Try to go library
10.         a.  Be patient
b.  Take is easy
c.   Believe me you can do it
d.   You’d batter try again
11.          … ! I am studying now.
a.      Be careful
b.      Be quite
c.       Take care
d.      Study hard
12.         Vidi is … artist in Indonesia nowadays.
Everybody knows him well.
a.      A popular
b.      More popular
c.       The most popular
d.      Most popular
13.          .... ! Time is money.
a.      Quick
b.      Be quiet
c.       Be on time
d.      Beware

14.         The grizzly bear has been called … animal of North America.
a.      The dangerous
b.      More dangerous
c.       The most dangerous
d.      Most dangerous
15.         Ida and Adi are twins. Ida is …. Adi in their attitude. They are ashamed person.
a.      Smarter
b.      As same to
c.       The same as
d.      As same with
16.         Malinda … be late in compiling her as signments last week.
a.      Should
b.      Shouldn’t
c.       Must
d.      Mustn’t
17.         You … to go to the bank. I’II transfer the money soon.
a.      Need
b.      Don’t need
c.       Are needed
d.      Needed
18.         What about … to the Tanah Abang? There prices are so cheap. We can bargain there.
a.      Go
b.      Go to
c.       Going
d.      Gone
19.         Do the test … !
a.      Be careful
b.      Carefully
c.       Be carefully
d.      In careful
20.         Let’s … together in my house. My father has many English books in his library.
a.      To study
b.      Studying
c.       Study
d.      Be study hard
Choose the underline word in number 21 – 30 should be corrected!
21.         A             : “What do you think about this dinner?”
B             : “The food in this restaurant is the batter of the restaurant we visited last      week.”
a.        What
b.        Is
c.         The batter
d.        Visited
22.         A             : “Do you know who Ida is?”
B             : “Everybody knows her. She is the more intelligent student at my school.”
a.        Is
b.        Knows
c.         Her
d.        More intelligent
23.         Due to the weather report it will rain heavily in Solo. All travelers should careful on the way.
a.        Due to
b.        Will rain
c.         Should
d.        On

24.         You look so pale. You’d better to take a rest. I’ll show you the room.
a.        Look
b.        To take
c.         I’II
d.        The
25.         You Handn’t to come so early yesterday. You might come as you want.
a.        Hadn’t
b.        To come
c.         Might
d.        Come
26.         The directions to the exercise say to choose most appropriate response.
a.        Directions
b.        To
c.         Most
d.        Response
27.         The secretary has many duties of an administrative and legal nature, but in addition she has do much of the planning.
a.        The
b.        Administrative
c.         Has
d.        much
28.         Having been engaged for two years, Harry shouldn’t have got married before he went abroad to continue his study last year.
a.        Having
b.        Engaged
c.         Shouldn’t
d.        Went
29.         They have lost all their possessions in the fire; they must be have a hard time now.
a.        Lost
b.        Possessions
c.         Must
d.        Be have
Text for number 30 - 35
                “Good affernoon and welcome to grand opening of grand department store. Here’s a coupon for a free coffee in our café. We’ll open full nine this evening. There will be music and entertainment from 7 to 9. Today only everything in the store is 20% off the listed price. In addition, if you apply for grand account will receive an additional 10% discount. Enjoy your shopping!”

30.          What is the purpose of the event?
a.        Opening a new store
b.        Introducing a new music
c.         Hiring a new employee
d.        Advertising discount
31.         How many discount do we get if we are grand store member?
a.        20%
b.        30%
c.         40%
d.        50%
32.         Where is the announcement announced?
a.        Hotel
b.        Restaurant

c.         Store
d.        Market
33.         Is there any door price there?
a.        Yes, there is
b.        No, there is no
c.         Yes, there does
d.        Yes, there does no
34.         Which one is not true statement based on these following statements?
a.        There will be music performing
b.        There will be free food for the attendant
c.         Members get 10% additional discount
d.        The store will open until 9
35.         What does “you” refer to?
a.        Costumer
b.        Member
c.         Employee
d.        Employer
Text for number 36 – 40
                        When I was very young I wanted to be a bus driver. I didn’t want to be a doctor or an engineer, but a driver. Being a bus driver, I wanted to go to a place I liked to visit such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, and Medan. If I were a bus driver, I would realize my dream. Now, I am not a bus driver and I can’t go anywhere. I am a shop-keeper spending almost my lifetime at 4m2 work-station.
36.         What does the text talk about?
a.        Young experience
b.        Dreams come to
c.         Unrealized dream
d.        Bad experience
37.         Why does the writer want to be a bus driver?
a.        He has no money
b.        Being a doctor is difficult to be realized
c.         Being a bus driver is fun
d.        He can go everywhere he like
38.         What is this job ?
a.        A doctor
b.        An engineer
c.         A bus driver
d.        A shop-keeper
39.         Which one is true statement based from these following statements?
a.        The writer wanted to be a shop-keeper
b.        He can realize his dream
c.         He cannot go anywhere
d.        He spends his time a store
40.         What does ‘I’ refer to ?
a.            The doctor
b.            The engineer
c.            The writer
d.            The bus driver



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